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Here are some key information points:

  • AFFILIATE LINKS. We use a variety of links on this site. The only affiliate links are those that go to product descriptions on Amazon, but we’re not selling items here nor are we making commissions on what’s given away.
  • CATEGORIES. There are some product categories that will likely be featured every week. If you see what seems like the same item listed from one week to the next, it is likely a similar item. This is because batches of items are distributed individually from one week to the next to give everyone a chance to get the item.
  • LIST LENGTH. The list is intentionally kept short to limit the number of requests weekly.
  • POSTS. Some items may also be listed as an individual post and featured item to be more easily discovered and promoted.
  • PHOTOS. Taking photos and writing up lengthy detailed product descriptions takes time. So, rather than include photos with the items, links are provided to existing product description pages from retail providers.
  • RETAIL VALUE. Retail pricing and product links are for reference only.
  • SUBSCRIBE. Subscribe at the bottom of this page to be notified when new listings are posted. 
  • TECH HELP. For tech devices and items, some free tech help is available, courtesy of Iowa City Tech.
  • YOUR LOCATION. If you are outside of the Iowa City area, we are happy to mail or ship items to you. There is no charge for items that can be sent in a first class envelope with a single stamp. For larger items, the requester will need to cover the cost of packaging and shipping.
  • UPDATED WEEKLY. This page will be updated with any inventory changes until the next listing is posted, usually weekly.