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Using This Website

Our Resources page has a concise listing of free products and services in the Iowa City area. [View]

We also have a curated list that includes a limited number of high-quality, working, clean, useful items that are new or lightly used. These are mostly single-owner items. Follow the steps below to receive the latest list by email or view the latest posting on this website. [View]

STEP #1 — Subscribe

Use the Subscribe option at the bottom of this page to receive the latest listing of free items, usually weekly. Or, view the most recent posts the site. [Posts]

STEP #2 — Request

Use the contact page to convey your interest in any listings, and coordinate a pickup time. [Contact]

STEP #3 — Enjoy!

Enjoy the savings!

Browse Listings

  • INVENTORY — The periodic inventory lists are available online and to subscribers. [View Inventory]
  • ITEM POSTS — You can also browse individual item posts. [Item Posts]
  • SEARCH — You can use the search feature at the bottom of this page, but only recently posted items may be available and see more details about items. The latest inventory sheet will be the latest list of items.

List Your Items

If you have any items you’d like listed, feel free to contact us. [Contact]