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Downsizing Tips

Downsizing and minimalism provide savings, tranquility, and efficiency. Getting rid of items in a responsible and eco-friendly way can be a challenge.

When downsizing, there are a few options depending on the items:

  1. DONATE — Donate to stores like Crowded ClosetGoodwill, or the Habitat ReStore.
  2. GIVE — Give away items that are too big and heavy to ship using eBay and inconvenient to sell.
  3. ORGANIZE — Any items to be kept should be organized so they can be easily found, used, or distributed later.
  4. SELL — Sell items on consignment through stores. [View List] Or, use eBay to sell unique items not likely to be in demand by any buyers in a 100 mile radius. An online service like eBay connects you with millions of potential buyers more likely needing whatever it is that you’re selling. 
  5. RECYCLE — Recycle cardboard, plastic, paper, glass, metal, and other items that aren’t usable.

It is helpful to have some table space where you can organize items into the above categories. If you are listing items online, having a good background where you can take photos of items will help. A table and materials for packing and shipping items is also beneficial.