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Inventory — 19 Aug 2022

Here’s the latest listing of free items available for people living in the Iowa City area. Use our contact page to convey your interest in any of the items and coordinate a pickup time. Thanks! [Contact]

  • CAR WASH. We have two car wash gift cards that can be used at the Dave Wright wash center located at 755 N. Center Point Rd., Hiawatha, IA 52233. These will both be sent to the first person requesting them. Provide your mailing address when you contact us. [View on Google Maps]
  • COFFEE — We have a gift card for a free cup of coffee redeemable at Encounter Cafe in downtown Iowa City. We can mail this to you. Provide your mailing address when you contact us. [Contact]
  • COMPUTER — This week, we have a Dell Inspiron Mini laptop computer. The dimensions are 10.25-inches wide by 7.25-inches deep and about 1.25-inches thick/tall. The keyboard is imperceptibly smaller than a standard keyboard, so very easy to type on. The computer is in great condition, but an older model that originally had Windows XP. So, a bit slow when running Windows 10, and needs a Windows license for activation. It currently has Ubuntu version 16 (a version of Linux) which allows for faster operation. Because it’s a small computer, it has a small battery with about 2-hours of use between charges. Contact us if interested. [Contact]
  • HARD DRIVE. Seagate 7200RPM mechanical hard drive, 3.5-inch size for desktop computer, 500GB capacity. Works well. Lightly used. Looks new. Includes box. Retail value $20. [View Similar Product]
  • MEMORY. One stick of 2GB PC3 1600 computer memory. Similar to this product on Amazon. Size used on laptop computers. Retail value: $14 [View Example]
  • USER GUIDE. Setup guide and user manual for Ninja Food Processor. Original papers. [View Listing]
  • WEBCAM. High Definition webcam. Brand: EMEET. Model: C90. Includes box. Retail value: $40 [View on Amazon]
  • ROUTER. Netgear Nighthawk Smart Wi-Fi Router (R6900P) – AC1900. No box. Retail value $175. [View Product Info]
  • SMART SPEAKER. Google Nest Mini. Smart speaker. Requires smartphone for setup. Works with Google Home app. Retail value: $50 [Google Product Page]

More details are at the bottom of this page.

Recently Claimed Items

  • GAS CARD – $25. We have one $25 gas card usable at Shell. This can be mailed to you. Provide your mailing address when you contact us. Note that there are no Shell stations in the Iowa City area. Two are available in Cedar Rapids and many in the Quad Cities. View the official map to see if there is a station near you. [Shell Station Finder] Posted: 19 Aug 2022. Claimed: 19 Aug 2022.

News for 19 Aug 2022

This week we’re starting a special weekly computer giveaway, while supplies last. We’re only giving away one computer per week to make sure that everyone interested has an opportunity to get one. A variety of lightly used computers will be listed in the coming weeks.

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Here are some key information points:

  • AFFILIATE LINKS. We use a variety of links on this site. The only affiliate links are those that go to product descriptions on Amazon, but we’re not selling items here nor are we making commissions on what’s given away.
  • BATCHES. There are some product categories that will likely be featured every week. If you see what seems like the same item listed from one week to the next, it is likely a similar item. This is because batches of items are distributed individually from one week to the next to give everyone a chance to get the item.
  • LIST LENGTH. The list is intentionally kept short to limit the number of requests weekly.
  • POSTS. Some items may also be listed as an individual post and featured item to be more easily discovered and promoted.
  • PHOTOS. Taking photos and writing up lengthy detailed product descriptions takes time. So, rather than include photos with the items, links are provided to existing product description pages from retail providers.
  • RETAIL VALUE. Retail pricing and product links are for reference only.
  • SUBSCRIBE. Subscribe at the bottom of this page to be notified when new listings are posted. 
  • TECH HELP. For tech devices and items, some free tech help is available, courtesy of Iowa City Tech.
  • YOUR LOCATION. If you are outside of the Iowa City area, we are happy to mail or ship items to you. There is no charge for items that can be sent in a first class envelope with a single stamp. For larger items, the requester will need to cover the cost of packaging and shipping.
  • UPDATED WEEKLY. This page will be updated with any inventory changes until the next listing is posted, usually weekly.